The contents of the event must be transmitted correctly and effectively , qhich is why it is necessary to supply all your requirements ad hoc with new generation technology able to transmit contents, images, videos and data, with precision and continuity.

All 8 conference rooms of our Conference Center SGR have built-in technology which guarantee flexibility and personalised configurations according to your needs. Our staff is always on call for help in any situation.



You can count on our modern audio system which is functional and reliable for your speakers, background music, and any other requirements.

The audio systems are already integrated and ready to use in all our rooms, in order to save on rehersal time and installation.

Quality is guaranteed by the use of first class material.


All our rooms are fitted with professional screens and professional video-projectors to enable your meeting to be visualised, which will contribute to its success.


Today it is essential that the network is always available, which is why in our meeting rooms it is always possible to connect easily and without costs via wireless to our optic fibre line.

The service is available even in all the common areas.

Our Technical staff is on hand with innovative and personalised solutions to guarantee a seccesful event.

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Our experts in digital communications can manage your online public relations, handling contacts with bloggers and Social Media Influencer covering various social channels such

as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube etc. which serve to amplify the visibility and enhance interest in the months preceding the event. There is a constant increase in the number of meetings interested in the attention of virtual attendants who follow the event online. In view of this information, periodical meetings use the two aforementioned canals, between the first edition and later meetings, creating a flow of informatin and dialogue with the user, and giving value to his feedback.We must also give importance to the possibility to create “sponsorisation”via digital communication. These methods guarantee major visibility for the brand and the sponsor. In this way we can involve the organisation with social activity so that partecipants are active in the event or partake on Twitter which benefits thousands of followers registered on the manifestations official profile.