Our experience at your disposal.

It is important to be able to rely on the expertise of professionals who have first hand experience in the filed. They will be able to satisfy your every requirement in the organisaton  of your event. Our highly qualified staff will offer you the best solutions in order to coordinate the staging and course of the event. We offer personalized solutions for its extent and allocation, and also for costs and other ad hoc requests your business may require.

We guarantee ample time before the event in order to prepare adequately the location, and time to dismantle after the event. The adjacent carpark is available for 300 vehicles and coaches, at your disposal.

Our staff is available on site for your every need.

In the position of the user.

Our infopoint is always well placed in order to facilitate the indications given by our welcoming staff, who will immediately be available to our guests for any assistance required. The information desk is present in order to eliminate queues or unnecessary misunderstandings.

When we choose where to set the coffe break, we see to queue up at the refreshment ourself.

Our directional signs are clearly set out, and clearly integrated with the event signage, provided by the organisational secretary. Fliers with clear signals, without any vagueness.

is a service available to the participatings in order to allow fluid movement througout the venue.

Visibility for the event.

The prestige of the choice of location is often confirmation of the importance of the event. Organising your meeting in Rimini offers greater opportunities for networking and give better visibility to the event, which will create higher interest form sponsors or exhibitors.

Sponsor Area

We have suitable exhibition areas for sponsored events. The brand names of the sponsors my appear on billboards and sings of the event, and also on place cards on tables during refreshment breaks. We also have areas with power sockets, WiFi cennection and illumination; we guarantee the possibility for loading/unloading for the staging of the areas.
There are also facilities available for storing materials before the event.

Parcel Storage

The Conference Center SGR has an office which can receive parcels and packages for the attention of the event organisers, specifying the name and date of the meeting. We can store the materials and also handle large parcels.

Welcome Gifts

We will be happy to assist you in the purchase of gifts for your guests and speakers.

There is a wide choice of regional products, olive oil, wine, specially prepared chocolates or objects made by local craftsmen. A bottle of Champagne is a valid alternative. Whatever your choice our staff will be present to satisfy your needs.

Hire of standard fittings

You may chose from a wide range of furniture  available on hire: reception desk, wardrobes, coat racks, chairs, armchairs, exhibition cases, shelves, tables, bar stools, minibar and lighting equipement.

Floral arrangements

An amople choice of plants and floral arrangements availavle for hire.

The service includes: delivery and maintenance during the event, and removal on conclusion of the meeting.

Setting up of the stand

The Conference Center SGR is able to assist exhibitors in the planning and outfitting of the stand.
We can provide basic pre-staging or we can develop a personalised plan with innovative materials.
We guarantee first class care and high quiality standards.

Furnishing digital printing

The Conference Center SGR can assist you with the graphics necessary to personalize your stand by providing digital printing on supports of your choice.

Telecomunications and internet

Our service consents direct connection from the stand to telephone and HDSL lines.

It’s also possible to hire telephones, fax and photocopying machines.

Technical equipment

The Conference Center SGR is able to supply sophisticated and technologically innovative equipment as personal computers, monitors, retroprojection videowall systems, blackboards, videorecorders, DVD players, video-projectors, slide projectors, antenna facilities (land and satellite) and satellite videoconference installations, booths for simultaneous translations.

Insurance service

It is possible to stipulate coverage with a leading italian insurance company at favorable conditions, covering risks and guaranteeing the merchandise on display.

Satellite symposium

In cases of important conferences it is often usefull to organize so-called satellite symposiums which enables you to concentrate on specific arguments, which are of interest to a particular cluster of public than those present at the venue. The sponsors may book space in order to communicate specific informations, for example presentation of new products.

Catering service

We offer the possibility to host your own guests with our welcome coffe or welcome cocktails; we can organize persolalized lunches or dinners and we can also take care of printing brochures, menu, and other material with your brand in evidence.

We guarantee light and quick meals, which will allow to continue working after lunch break, but will still satisfy the finest plalate.

Our team of experts will be able to arrange for music or entertainment, whenever required, during the event.

Security service

The choice of Conference Center SGR guarantees maximum levels of security.

Evacuation plans and the measures for monitoring the locals, are constantly updated and efficient. The presence of escape routes in every room and common spaces, emergency exits open and signaled, fire stairs and surveillance cameras are only some of the security services guaranteed. We monitor accesses so that anyone who is not registered to the event can access without control in the common areas, at the wardrobe or to the exhibition area.

The reception desk plays an important incoming filter function; for the same reason a badge, pass, bracelets or similar must be provided to all those who are allowed to move in the building during the day of the event.

Hostess e Steward

Hostess e Steward staff are present to insure that partecipants at your event will be welcomed and assisted in every way. They will also take care of personal effects, distribute didactic and informative material, consign and collect signsheets. Our staff is an equipe essential to the excellent outcome of any event.

Press Office

Together with other activities of communication the objective of our press office is to form and consolidate the public image of an organisation and its brandname. Our staff is able to form a bridge between you and the mass media, it is indispensable as a filter for the questions from the media, for requests of follow-up, and proposals of interviews with spokesmen of the event. In the presence of journalist, we can supply a kit with information and communications preparated beforehand. For example it may be that a medical newspaper is interested in the work of a particular medical scientific meeting, the same newspaper who deal with medical research. There are also numerous articles in magazines and newspapers who are interested in various studies. Often discussed at medical events local newspapers may also be intersted if an event concerns the territiory where it is distribute. In the presence of journalists or bloggers we will provide a separate desk in an area reserved for the press.

Evaluating the success of the event

How to know we had a successful event? We have data analysts at our to disposal who verify  KPI specifics, measured, accessible and relevant. Reviewing the data gathered as a result of our questionaire distributed during the event, we are able to supply objective data as to the satisfaction of partecipants. By monitoring social media we are able to evaluate the reactions of the public, gather articles published about the event, and furnish statistics on the interaction on social networks (number of tweets, likes, comments, posts published, visualisations).


In case of international events, we can provide simultaneous interpretors who will be able to converse fluently with delegates, in various languages.