The city of Rimini is syunonumous with “Good Food”.
Rimini has always been known for its great traditonal food, rich in local produce. But in spite of its exceptional “romagnola” cuisine offering everything you need, it has also been capable of taking on the challenge of modernising and accepting the gourmet cooking so popular worldwide.

This means that you can choose tasty, simple food for your working meals, and at the right moment opt for high class restauirants, perfect for forward dinners or simply for relaxing evening.


The Restaurant occupies the forth floor of the Conference Center SGR, it has become a focal point for gourmet cuisine on the Adriatic Riviera. It unites the excellence of italian taste in the dishes prepared with fresh products of first class quality, all this served in an elegant and sophisticated ambient made more unique by its impeccable staff.


QP Lunch, situated i the headquarters of the SGR company, is a buffet self service restaurant which offers a perfect synthesis between informality, quality and quick service.

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